20 free calendar template designs

Let your creative juices flow while getting yourself organised. These calendar templates are all beautifully designed, easily customisable and totally free!

It’s good to be organised, and there’s still a good chunk of the year left to plan. So take control of your workflow and deadlines with these brilliant free calendar templates, all of which are customisable to suit your tastes. And keep an eye out, as we’ll be bringing you an inspiring collection of 2014 calendar templates soon!

  • Check out stunning examples of calendar design here

01. Paper Toy calendar

free calendar templates
Collect a paper toy every month with this adorable calendar template

Designer Judith Tan Wenying had to design a calendar based on the theme of her choice. She chose paper toys that follow the different themes of the month, allowing the paper toys to be collected. Cute, easy to assemble and down right adorable, these are the perfect desk companions in a calendar!

02. Paper aeroplane template

free calendar templates
Fly the month away with this paper aeroplane calendar template

The intent for this project was to reinvent the calendar; stepping away from the traditional rectangular form of a calendar. Each month is a paper airplane template, with its own limited colour, unique design, and unique orientation of its numbers. The idea is that after each month has passed one can tear the month off and make the paper airplane to “fly the month away”.

03. Painted Face calendar template

free calendar templates
This is definitely a free calendar template to pop in your database

This painted face poster calendar template is an editable calendar that can be used for any year – dates and events can be edited easily. This is a free calendar template to certainly be included in your template database – striking, colourful and simple to customise.

04. Calendar in your pocket

free calendar templates
A calendar template that slots in your pocket!

A free calendar template that fits in your pocket! Not only does this design come in this miniature size, it also comes in A3 and A4 downloads. So, basically you can have three of the same design in all the places that you need them.

05. Photo calendar template

Free 2013 calendar templates
Fill your calendar with your own artwork and photos with this free 2013 template

The guys at Adobe Photoshop Elements techniques have created PSD files for this awesome 2013 free calendar template. The set includes 11 different templates, including a triplet-style (for quarterly calendar pages), three styles for CD jewel-case-style calendars, an old-style template, and both portrait- and landscape-oriented templates.

06. Abstract Colour Template

free calendar templates
CMYK in colour and A4 in size, this calendar template is striking yet effective

This abstract colourful 2013 calendar template is A1 in size and CMYK in colour. Guaranteed to catch the eye, you’ll be able to edit and customise it to your taste in Adobe Illustrator CS3 or above. Coming complete with a striking font and even room for your social media tags, it’s a simple yet effective.

07. Vintage style template

Free 2013 calendar templates
Add your own images and artwork to customise this vintage-style design

This year-to-view vintage-style calendar template is not the most original design we’ve ever seen but it serves as a great starting point to add your own ideas. Featuring a big space for an image, simply drag and drop a photo of your choice, add your own vector artwork and change colours to customise.

08. Month to view template

Free 2013 calendar templates
Customise this free 2013 calendar template with your own photos and artwork

This free 2013 calendar template is a simple Microsoft Word document. But it’s all ready and waiting for you to customise. Change the photo background, add notes and change fonts to suit your own personal taste.

09. Editorial template

Free 2013 calendar template
Organise your blog content with this free, colour coded 2013 editorial calendar template

If you run your own blog or website, then this free editorial calendar template could come in handy. An Excel file, the 2013 calendar is a basic template, which has each month colour-coded and spaces for each post to be entered. The Excel workbook has two spreadsheets available for printing, one a view of the entire year and the other a view of each month.

10. Business template

Free 2013 calendar template
Add your own logo and image to this simple but elegant calendar template

If you’re after a simple, elegant calendar design for your studio, then this one from fppt.com may be just what you’re looking for. The free template for Word 2013 has a white background and customisable design, the logo and photo able to be changed in Word.

11. For the photographer

Add your own images to this simple yet effective free 2013 calendar template by photographer Angie Muldowney

If you’ve taken lots of great photos but don’t have enough wall space to hang them, the first of our freebie 2013 calendar templates provides the perfect solution. The simple yet effective design comes from photographer Angie Muldowney. A PSD template, all you need to do is download and drop your images in. Simple!

12. HP Calendars

There’s a great selection of free 2013 calendar templates to choose from on HP’s creative studio website

American multinational IT company Hewlett Packard’s creative studio offers a surprisingly good selection of free calendar templates. Best of all, you can create not just annual but monthly calendars, meaning you can have a different design each month.

You can add photos, type in important dates so you never forget them, all from the comfort of your own home!

13. Calendar set

Help yourself to these 11 calendar template designs, which can be customised to suit your own personal style

The guys at Photoshop Elements Techniques have uploaded this brilliant set of 2013 calendar templates completely free of charge. The download includes 11 different designs, including a triplet-style (for quarterly calendar pages), three styles for CD jewel-case-style calendars, an old-style template, and both portrait- and landscape-oriented templates.

14. Mini photo calendar

Not much desk space? Why not download this cool, mini photo calendar template

If, like a lot of designers, you don’t have much spare desk space then why not grab this mini photo calendar template? With this space-saving design you can display your favourite photos all year long. Offered by the Shutter Sisters, the download is sized to fit in a CD jewel case. The files include basic instructions for creating your custom calendar pages in Photoshop. Then just print them on photo paper or cardstock and cut them out.

15. Tabletop calendar

Not a fan of wall calendars? Grab hold of this free tabletop template instead

If you’re more of a tabletop calendar kinda guy or gal, then get your mitts on one of these free 2013 calendar templates from gkshakar. The download is a PDF file, which, went printed measures 9×6 inches. The design features weeks that start on Sunday, without holidays and a separate space to make notes next to each month.

16. Family Planner

You can design a calendar for your whole family with this template from Flyer Alarm

If you’re not the only person in your household that needs organising then this simple family planner template is great way to make sure you all know what you’re doing. Printing company Flyer Alarm is offering this free download, along with multipage and large-sized wall calendars and annual planners. Using lllustrator, InDesign or Photoshop you can customise each, for example adding a logo or additional text.

17. Monthly calendar

Add a touch of vintage to your home or office with this monthly calendar template

If vintage is your thing then you’ll love the design of this free monthly calendar template. It was created by Adrian Johnson, the lady behind ADbug Photography, as a monthly planner for her family and she has since decided to offer it as a free download. It’s a JPEG file so the scene is set but there’s nothing to stop you personalising it by adding new text and images.

18. Blogging calendar

Record your weekly blogging ideas on this calendar template by designer Evelyn Kate

If, like designer Evelyn Kate, you have a job, children, busy household and a blog to juggle then this blogging calendar template may help you out. Kate comments on her site, ‘Keeping organised is the only way I can manage everything so I created this template to remember my thoughts and to plan ahead with blogging’. Note: registration to file sharing service 4shared is required in order to download this template.

19. InDesign month-to-view

Add your own design detail to this customisable InDesign calendar template

This is a 2013 month-to-view InDesign calendar template for CS3 and up (although it is a .inx file so lower versions of InDesign shouldn’t have any trouble opening it). The artist behind the simple design has left the file together with style sheets and added colour swatches so the border colours can be changed. Note: Registration to the Adobe site is required for this download.

20. A year-to-view

This template is a great starting point for creating your own design for a year-to-view calendar

Okay, as calendar templates go it’s far from the most exciting design we’ve ever seen but that’s kind of the point of these templates. If you’re after a year-to-view calendar then this provides a great starting point for creating your own design. The download is an Adobe InDesign CS4 interchangeable file format, which can be opened in all InDesign versions after CS2. Fully customizable, you can change fonts, colors, and spaces to suit your own personal style.


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